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My firm is experienced in many aspects of real estate practice, including:

  1. Sales, exchanges and other dispositions of real estate assets.
  2. Acquisition and development of real property for manufacturing, industrial, commercial, retail, residential and other uses, including advising clients regarding structure of ownership entities and transactions.
  3. Financing of real property assets.
  4. Leases for residential, commercial, retail and offices uses.

My firm’s real estate clients include:

  1. Commercial lenders.
  2. Commercial and residential buyers and sellers.
  3. Real estate professionals and their companies.
  4. Developers  of shopping centers, office buildings and industrial parks.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

The real estate process consists of three (3) phases: the purchase and sale agreement, preparation for the closing and the closing itself.

I will represent you whether you are the Buyer or Seller from start to finish. I will assist you in the contract preparation and negotiation, in the preparation for the closing (the inspections, survey, title insurance), and at the closing itself.

My firm does not charge to meet with you initially, and my attorney fees are based on a project basis.

My firm is a policy-issuing agent of  First American Title Insurance Company.  First American is the second largest title insurance underwriter in Florida and the largest in the United States.

The advantage to working with an attorney in a real estate closing is that the Buyer and Seller will get the title insurance required for the closing and will also be provided with legal counsel to represent their interests.


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